OUR PATIO, Celia Swart

RESONANCES XXl is a set geometric variables of up to twenty musicians, from international vocations. In resonance with the 21st century, its activity leads them to work with many creators: composers, musicians, plasticians, dancers, actors, etc.
The exclusive family of flutes, from piccolo to the contrebass flute, is presented by this dynamic and enthusiastic formation. Wherever they are presented, RESONANCES XXl is a plebiscite, both for its attractive and original sound, and for their affluent repertoire.
Monographic concerts, guest artists, commissions, experimental projects, cross-overs, renowned repertoire as well as rare works, and actions in pedagogy, RESONANCES XXl, by its perspective in proposing various repertoires of distinctive époques, reflects the diversity and eclectism of its members.
Musical direction, Olivier Guion
Art coordination, Patricia Nagle and Patrice Bocquillon
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