An ensemble of professional flutists that brings together all the members of the trasnverse flute family, ranging from the piccolo to the octobass flute.

Elise Battais, Patrice Bocquillon, Julien Bourin, Stéphanie Chatet, Catherine Debever-Perrier, Charlotte Ducher, Simona Efftinoiu, Delphine Goldstein, Agharahim Gouliyev, Marie-Cécile Guillo, Florence Huet, Takako Imai, Hélène Lazartigues, Pierre Martinet, Patricia Nagle, Olivier Pédan, Marine Planchot, Emilie Poingt, Xavier Quérou, Lucile Renon, Karine Roynard, Laurent Tallon

Musical direction, Olivier Guion
Art coordination, Patricia Nagle and Patrice Bocquillon
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